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1 and 2 Piece pneumatic Ink Agitators
1 and 2 Piece pneumatic Ink Agitators
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1 and 2 Piece pneumatic Ink Agitators
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Since 1991, Sajo Technologies Inc. has been manufacturing press auxiliary equipment for the printing industry including the sheetfed printing and web offset printing industries. Our printing ink equipment includes ink dispensing systems( ink levelers ), ink agitators, web break detectors, web severers, ink fountain liners, ink filters, ink meters and ink pumps for both conventional inks and uv inks..

Sajo is now present in over 12 countries on all types of sheetfed and web offset presses including DGM presses (Manugraph-DGM), Goss presses, Harris presses, Tensor presses, Timsons presses, WPC presses(web press corporation) including the quad-stack press, Komori presses, Mitsubishi presses, Solna presses, Heidelberg presses, KBA presses, Akiyama presses, Stevens presses, adast presses, didde presses, tenner presses, baker perkins presses, miller presses, cosmos +presses, WMS ventura presses, Rotoman presses, Octoman presses, Royal Zenith presses (RZ presses), Hantscho presses and Zircon presses. .

Sajo offers a wide range of ink levellers for both sheet-fed presses and web offset presses. The ink levelers include one, two and three piece models as well as two and three stage versions designed for printers who don’t have the budget or justification for the complete automated ink leveler. In addition Sajo’s newest inking system is the new UV ink leveller ideal for both the web press and sheet fed press. .

Sajo Technologies offers a new Ink Leveler and Ink Pump combination ideal for the sheetfed printer or small web offset printer who currently has no pumping. The sheetfed ink dispensing system consists of a swing-away ink leveler which can be removed from the fountain in seconds and placed over another fountain for quick color changes. This sheet-fed inking system allows for a complete color change in under 5 minutes. The pump is available in 5 or 55 gallon versions. The 5 gallon ink pump is ideal for a single press where as the 55 gallon ink pump could handle multiple press lines.

Sajo manufactures ink agitators in one and two piece designs for both sheetfed presses and web offset presses. The pneumatic ink agitator requires no electricity and can be mounted either over in front or below the ink fountain and requires very little space. The ink mixer agitates the ink with the use of a double band rodless pneumatic cylinder and using two adjustable paddles which can easily be removed for cleaning. Presently Manugraph-DGM, Goss, Tensor, Timsons, WPC and KBA all offer this ink agitator as an option on their presses. .

Through the association with its U.S. counterpart, Sajo Technologies has obtained the rights to the Quadtech web break detectors. The Quadtech web break detector utilizes ultrasonic sensors and color touch screen controls. The web break detection system instantly detects web breaks, simultaneously stops press operation, and fires web severers before costly web wrap-up damage can occur. The WebStop system can store up to 36 user-created jobs, allowing the system to be instantly re-configured for different press runs..

Many web severers lack the ability to cut the full range of web offset paper stocks. The Sajo web severer is designed to cut the lightest of paper up to the heavier cover and board stocks. At the time of a web break, the web severers two sets of pneumatically actuated stainless steel blades rotate into the web’s path from both directions, piercing then cutting the web as the blades pass through each other.

Sajo Technologies now offers ink fountain liners also known as ink duct foils or ink foils for all press types. Press types that we are presently producing fountain liners for include; Komori, Mitsubishi, KBA, Man Roland, Didde, Sakurai, Shinohara, Ryobi and Hamada. This new ink duct foil design covers the entire inside of the ink fountain and includes a peel and stick backing that installs in seconds. Instead of cleaning out the ink fountain you simply pull the tab and the fountain liner pulls out in seconds. The Ink Fountain Liner is a fully patented product.

Sajo ink meters combine accuracy with reliability. Sajo offers two different ink meter designs, one that is built on the nutating disc principle, the other using elliptical gears. The nutating disc or positive displacement disc flowmeters are precision constructed measuring instruments used for accurate measurement of offset ink at high pressures. The rugged construction of the elliptical gear positive displacement flow meter series features stainless steel bodies and gears and tungsten carbide bushings and shafts.

Sajo Technologies have become distributors for both the Yamada Ink Pumps and Lincoln Ink & UV Ink Pumps for the sheetfed and web offset industries. They include 5 gal., 55 gal., tote and UV ink pumps. Unlike the canister style Sentinel System® with the capacity of only 7.5 lbs. per canister, the 5 gallon pumps which are ideal for the sheetfed printing industry hold up to 60 lbs. of ink at a time and include a low level alarm as well as a digital ink scale that can be zeroed at any time with a ± 2% accuracy.

Ink Filters help reduce hickies caused by impurities in the ink or deterioration of pump components. Sajo provides high pressure inline filters or “Y” filters with various flow ranges and micron sizes. All filters include replaceable stainless steel elements that are both inexpensive and easy to change.